History of the Roosevelt Bowl

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Bowl is nestled against the hills at Perris Hill Park. The bowl was built and dedicated in 1934 as part of the Federal Work Progress Administration (FWPA).  This 1,800-seat outdoor amphitheater provides a historic and natural setting for a variety of events and programs such as: outdoor church services, musicals, plays and concerts, and is great a venue for fundraising events.   The Bowl is surrounded by stately oaks, which provide shade for the open-air seating. The retainer wall is a beautiful mosaic of stone work and is a reflection of the architecture of the period as well as the labor-intensive style of F.W.P.A.


Over the years, The Bowl has had several improvements. In 1981, the old wooden-backed benches were replaced with aluminum seating and a new concrete stage was constructed in 1982 to replace the original wood stage. In addition, in 1983, restrooms and a concession building were added just outside The Bowl.


This year the Roosevelt Bowl will be celebrating 80 historical years!

Major up-grades to The Bowl are needed such as lighting, sound system, and seating improvements.  The Patrons of the Roosevelt Bowl Board of Directors are working to facilitate these upgrades to bring families, local businesses and the community together to share in history, arts, culture, and entertainment at the Roosevelt Bowl but we need your help!  Please come out and enjoy our Farmers Fair and Market Night while providing patronage to our vendors.  Every dollar spent is money toward the improvements needed to bring the Roosevelt Bowl back to its former glory! 

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The San Bernardino Farmers Fair and Market is EVERY Monday from 6:00PM to 9:30PM at Perris Hill Park - our season is May 5th through October 27, 2014

Perris Hill Market Application
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Perris Hill Market Rules
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The San Bernardino Downtown Farmshare and Market every THURSDAY from 11:00AM to 2:00PM at Court Street Square. This is a year round market.  

Downtown Market Application
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Downtown Market Rules
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Market Manager /
Entertainment Coordinator:

Sandra Owen-Olivas
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San Bernardino, CA 92406

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